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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Explore Before

So many a time I've gone out to photograph a place without preparing by exploring it first. I use to think the best photos were those taken from immediate impressions. That if i thought to long on the scene, I would loose the freshness of the location and somehow lose the element of interest. As I got older I'd get tired and thus get sloppy. But now I plan time and energy into my trips. If the outing is solely to shot, I'll make a trip out to walk the sight. I explore the location and take notes. Things I look for are obstructions, light directions, clutter, traffic flow (pedestrian, motorized, large herds of wild goats), barriers both physical and legal. Additionally, I look for places to take a break. It could be a cafe or eatery close by (heated or cooled), walls or benches to sit on, or where I may park my vehicle if no other resting place is available. Whatever will serve as a place of rest to let my old body recharge or keep from getting too exhausted. Young folks may think this ridicules but even if you are in good physical shape, mental fatigue shows itself as impatience and sloppy shortcuts and lost interest and are only made worse by physical exhaustion.

When you sit back to do your planning think about the best time of day for the type of light you want, equipment you need as opposed "might" need, and configuration of you camera settings for what you envision or expect to run into. Presetting those configurations in advance will save you time and frustration once you are clicking away.

Knowing more about the place you plan to shoot lets you plan for a more enjoyable and gratifying experience as well a get the shots that put you above the completion.

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