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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Copyright Infringment In A Pocket Size Tool. Oh So Cool. Yea I Know It Isn't New.

Years ago I worked for Fox Photo in one of their Mall Stores.  This one was located at Eastgate Mall in Birmingham, AL.  Both Fox Photo and Eastgate have seen better days but back in 1974 (remember Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron?) they both were in full swing.  As the Store Manager I got four more work hours a week so my salary would be higher than the regular employees (most of whom where very attractive young ladies that kept my dating life a pure joy). 

I saw a few weird folks too.  Like the guy who bought a ton of Kodak 1X movie equipment from me so he could shoot Bruce Lee movies at the Mall movie theater.  In those days, such stealing was unheard of and not even thought of as copyright infringement because the equipment hadn't existed until then.  I thought it strange since he could only shoot about 2 minutes at a time on Super 8 reels and what he showed me was just Bruce and his half naked upper body work.  The brightness of the end product was a bit dull too.  We didn't think much about Homosexuality in those days either.

Fast forward to January 2nd 2011 - I took my two day old Droid X with me to see the remake of "True Grit".  Just as a lark I thought I'd use the camcorder function to see what would come out of this tiny thing.  I was quit surprised.  It's not Technicolor but not bad either.  I shot the trailer to an up coming animated movie so I don't think I'm violating any copyrights here since you can see it on the web anyway.  But take a gander at how it came out.  The first few seconds has patrons passing in front of me looking for empty seats so take that into consideration when you judge my camera work.  I should also mention that conversion took a lot of the quality out.  I'm new a this but the conversion did drop the size from 179 meg to 13 meg so the pixelation is noticeable but not in the original 3gp.

I'm interested in how this 8 mega pixel camera works and some of the in phone software so expect more postings on this toy.


  1. Very good picture quality, but you can tell from the sound that you were in a big room with speakers blasting. It's amazing what these little camera phones can do now. By the way what did you think of the movie?

  2. I want to see it. The animation is the most true to life 've ever seen with an eye toward great cinimatograph. I'm sure the story line is sappy but Johnny Depp is becoming one of the Stars you know always picks interesting scrips.