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Monday, November 19, 2012

DOORS What Is It They Hide?

I have a thing for Doors.  I never understood why but doors have always interested me.  Could be they hold a mystery, could be they open to opportunity, could be that when ever I entered one I always found warm, friendly people - both known and unknown. 
They make good practice for photographers since they present a lot of issues to be overcome through good lighting and good composition. 

How inviting is your door?  If it isn't, what does it say about you?  Bet you never gave it a thought.

Not all doors lead into someone's home.  Some lead into barns.  Or through them.  I have lost of those too but that is probably better saved for a day of Barn photos.
Whatever the draw to doors is for me, it usually includes the snap of a camera shutter button.  I've captured them from all over the globe.  Tell me what you think.

Yes, Europe has been a favorite location for door pictures.  They have such an interesting approach and that usually fits in with thousands of years of architectural experimenting.
Then I also have an thing for windows.  But I'll save that for another day. But not without a teaser.

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