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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Street Photography - some thoughts

I've been exploring Street Photography with my  Photo Club friends and have found that shooting people or activities without their knowing it, is more challenging than expected.  

Take the above picture.  What in the world was I thinking when I took this shot?  Yea, pretty girl but so what?  The background is cluttered with telephone lines, junk and an other person.  There is no story a viewer could glean or imagine from this shot.  Is she squinting behind those Foster Grants?  Who knows or who cares.  This picture is a total failure.

Now this shot is still cluttered in the background with other people and objects but these girls have something to say.  One's imagination can go in many directions with these unique female representations.  Clearly they are not sisters but they did choose to style their hair the same.  Why?  Camouflage and Boots for two and short shirt and flip flops for the third; is she making a statement that she isn't butch like her friends?  Pregnant or just early beer bellies?  These three are different and as such interesting.

That is the essence of Street Photography.  There needs to be something going on in the image to fire up the observer's interest.

You don't have to have faces to help stir the imagination either.  If the clothing doesn't get you to thinking about this couple, how about the unusual affection being displayed by a couple you would think would prefer to chug beers in public.  Or how about those finger nails?  Could be what he likes best about her?

Just food for thought.

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